Dynamic Baby Cooler – walking comfort in all conditions

The collection of our brand strollers has been enriched with a new offer for active, modern families who value functionality and practicality in every aspect of life. Dynamic Baby Cooler is a 2-in-1 multifunctional stroller that combines the advantages of a classic deep stroller with a gondola and a light and mobile stroller.

Eye-catching design

Particularly noteworthy is the eye-catching design, which, combined with the multitude of color options, will delight every observer. Importantly, the gondola bowl made of tasteful eco-leather, matching the color of the sun canopy looks extremely elegant. The light, aluminum frame gives the whole structure a sporty flair, and the large wheels with black rims emphasize the elegant qualities of the Dynamic Baby Cooler. The new model in our catalog is also an extremely universal solution that will meet the requirements of every family!



Cooler in the gondola version – safe from birth

Dynamic Baby Cooler in the gondola version guarantees calm and safe walks from the first days of life. A large gondola with a coconut mattress provides the child with the right amount of space as well as warmth and comfort. It is worth paying attention to the double ventilation system in the gondola version of the Cooler stroller, which means that even hot weather will not be an obstacle to enjoy the walk in the fresh air. The ventilation windows located in two places of the gondola and the fact that it is lined with a coconut, airy mattress ensure thermal comfort even in the middle of summer. In addition, a folding booth with multi-stage regulation will protect the child’s skin against excessive sun, rainfall and wind. The comfortable carrycot of the Dynamic Baby Cooler stroller will therefore also be useful in the colder months, wrapping the baby and protecting it from the weather. In addition, the adjustment of the backrest in the gondola will help you adjust the position to the needs of a little stroller, which will make every moment of riding a stroller more enjoyable. What’s more, the set includes numerous accessories, such as a cover for the legs and a mosquito net for the gondola, which keep the child warm and protected.

Comfortable walking seat in Dynamic Baby Cooler

The Cooler in the walking version does its job just as well. This stroller gives parents the opportunity to adapt many aspects of the walk to the current requirements of their child. The comfortable walking seat can be easily attached forward and backward facing. This allows younger children to maintain eye contact with their parents, and older, more curious little ones, to freely observe their surroundings. To make the stroller comfortable, the Dynamic Baby Cooler stroller has numerous adjustment options – from the backrest, through the sun canopy, to the positioning of the footrest. An additional mattress in the seat ensures even greater driving comfort, and the five-point safety harness holds the child securely in the stroller. Dynamic Baby Cooler guarantees successful, safe and pleasant walks in all conditions.

Driving comfort on any terrain

The driving properties of the Cooler stroller allow for a comfortable ride even on rough terrain. The frame is made of durable aluminum, which guarantees low weight and resistance to damage. The frame includes side shock absorbers, which are designed to dampen vibrations caused by driving on uneven surfaces. They are compatible with tubeless, ball bearing wheels with gel tires that do not need to be pumped. The new Dynamic Baby Cooler also features adjustable HDA (Heavy Duty Absorption) suspension located on the larger rear wheels. This means that the degree of shock absorption adapts to the conditions prevailing on the walking route, providing the toddler with a pleasant ride both on forest paths and city sidewalks.

The front wheels of the trolley are swivel, self-aligning and can also be locked for straight-ahead driving. This gives it the appropriate mobility and maneuverability or additional stability – depending on the place where it moves. Dynamic Baby Cooler guarantees safe walks thanks to the foot-actuated central parking brake, which puts parents in complete control. Additionally, the SAS cushioning system (System Anti Shock) has been implemented in the front wheels of the stroller, which significantly improves the feeling of driving on uneven surfaces. This makes family walks comfortable and safe with the Cooler.

Ease of use

Dynamic Baby Cooler 2in1 helps parents in the daily care of their baby thanks to its easy operation and numerous functions that allow you to combine walks with other activities. The adjustable handle will adjust the stroller to the parents’ height, and the safety rail, which can be tilted to the side, will make it easier to place the toddler in the stroller seat. What’s more, the covered shopping basket is a great help during everyday errands, there will also be a place for toys and accessories necessary for a successful walk. In addition, the intuitive folding system and QRS (Quick Release System), which makes it easy to remove the front wheels, make it easy to carry it up the stairs or put it in the trunk of the car, because it does not take up much space after folding.

Dynamic Baby Cooler is a functional and universal stroller that will work at any time of the year. A gondola and a walking seat as well as numerous accessories create unforgettable conditions for walks, and the unique functionality and durability guarantee comfort and safety for up to four years of use. Check out Cooler!